2013 Events

DATE EVENT (Townsend events in bold)

Monday, April 15th

Patriot Day Hike w/6th Middlesex & Concord Parade

Sunday, April 21st

Muster and Drill at Townsend Rod & Gun Club, 9am-1pm

Saturday, May 11th

Encampment at the Reed House Townsend Harbor 9am-4pm

Saturday, May 18th

Westford Apple Blossom Parade w/ 6th Middlesex

Sunday, May 26th

Townsend Memorial Day Parade Meet at John Barrett's at 11:00am-Step off at 1:00pm

Monday, May 27th

Memorial Day Parade w/ 6th Middlesex in Tyngsboro, 9:30am at VFW, Groton 9:00 am, and Hollis

Thursday, June 6th, and possibly on July 3rd, July 19th' August 7th

Wachusett Dirt Dawgs Baseball Game 6:15pm Doyle Field, Leominster

Saturday, June 29th

Carlisle Old Homes Day with 6th Middlesex

Thursday, July 4th

Chelmsford Parade, Tyngsboro Parade w/ 6th Fitchburg Parade?

Thursday Evening, July 4th

Townsend Military Band Concert with Townsend Rod & Gun Club Meet at Methodist Church hill at 6:45pm

Saturday, July 6th

Pepperell Parade w/ 6th Middlesex

Saturday, August 3rd

Sturbridge Village with Billerica Minuteman Company

Saturday, September 14th and Sunday, September 15th

THS - Arts and Crafts Fair - Townsend Minuteman Company Encampment in Howard Park

Saturday, September 14th

Yankee Doodle Days-Parade in Billerica

Sunday, October 20th

Fall Muster (TBD)


2011 Events

May 15th 11:00 Muster and Drill at the Townsend Rod and Gun Club—This would be to practice our marching. The R&G Club is holding a Rendevous at this time. Their members camp out and cook over open fires like our encampment only more authentic. I may try to set up the tent for our own encampment area, but this depends on a couple other obligations. I will let you know. If I do it will probably be done Saturday night.

May 29th 12:45 Townsend Memorial Day --- Meet at the Townsend VFW at 12:45 .

July 4th parades  There are a number of parades on the 4th of July. It is possible we could march in Fitchburg again or go with the 6th to Chelmsford. There is also the Pepperell Parade on July 2nd. More details to follow.

July 15th Fox Channel 25, is making one of their zip trips to Townsend. They would like to know if we could join them for a brief segment @ 8:30. Please let me know as soon as possible if you can participate in this sudden event. It may be your chance for 15 seconds of fame( is it supposed to be 15 minutes? Sorry 15 seconds is all you get.)

Aug 6th Old Sturbridge Village - I have attached a notice from the Billerica Colonial Minutemen, who have invited us to join them at OSV( Old Sturbridge Village) for a weekend event- Rebels and Redcoats. Go online for Old Sturbridge Village, if you want to check it out. I did not get any other particulars, but I believe Billerica goes there Friday night and set up. There is a mock battle at 2pm on Saturday and Sunday, and then visitors can meander through the encampment. If you are interested you will have to call me so I can let Richard know( as per his request below) who, if anyone, is coming from Townsend. We may join with other members of the 6th Middlesex, and only go down for Saturday day( not camping out).

Sep 16-18th Townsend Town Common Also, don’t forget our own encampment planned for September 17th-18th, in conjunction with the Townsend Historical Society’s Art & Crafts Fair. I would like a show of hands as to who is able to attend either or both events. Please note, we will probably march in Billerica Saturday a.m for their Yankee Doodle Days, then return to Townsend. We may set our camp up on the Common on Friday night(9/16), so if anyone wants to stay at the camp on Saturday, rather than march in Billerica, they can do so.  I have a number of waistcoats and some breeches, and some Ladies garments,  for anyone who needs clothes, please give me a call, if you would like to check out the “store” .