Townsend Minuteman Company

Townsend, Massachusetts

Anyone interested in learning about the Townsend Minutemen is more than welcome to contact Captain John B. Barrett by email at for more information.


The Townsend Minuteman Company was formed to help celebrate Townsend's 275th Anniversary in 2007. We try re-enact what life was like in Townsend in 1775.

At that time, due to tensions with Great Britain, many towns had formed "minuteman companies" (militia) ready to march on a "minutes notice". Townsend actually had two companies, a north company and a south company. Each man was expected to equip themselves with a musket, bayonet, canteen, powder and ball. On April 19,1775, when the Concord alarm was received, 73 men from Townsend set out for Concord, but did not arrive in time to participate in any fighting. Some returned to town to deal with Tories, people who are sympathetic and loyal to the crown. Others stayed on, and about 35 were in Captain Farwell's company, and fought alongside men of Groton and Pepperell at Bunker Hill. Many Townsend men fought at various points during the Revolutionary War, and some did so for the duration. It is believed that 6 men from Townsend died for the cause of liberty and independence.

Today, we try to honor our forebearers by representing the men, women and children of our past. The Townsend Minuteman Company participates in parades and re-enactments, especially around Patriots Day, Memorial Day and the 4th of July.

Townsend Company is part of the 6th Middlesex Regiment, which today is composed of the militia or minuteman companies from several Northern Middlesex County towns. While some members are quite active in the 6th Middlesex events, the Townsend Company is fairly light, involving parades on Memorial Day, and one or two other ceremonies during the year. We also like to participate in encampments with our comrades in the 6th Middlesex.

While we try to be as authentic as possible, we don't expect perfection, rather we try to create the right impression while being practical. Below is our calendar for the upcoming year. If you would like to learn more about the Townsend Minuteman Company, you can visit our website at, or contact Captain John B. Barrett by email at or at 978-821-3323.

Memorial Day celebration

Townsend Memorial Day Parade - 2018

Redcoats versus militia

Our fearless leader in danger

Ashby 250th Parade 2017

Redcoats versus militia

Our fearless leader in danger

Memorial Day 2017

Redcoats versus militia

The Ashby Memorial Day Parade

Our fearless leader in danger

Captain John Barrett after the Townsend Memorial Day Parade

Townsend Minutemen in rank

The Townsend Minutemen ready for the Townsend Memorial Day Parade (photo thanks to Lindsey Morand).


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Townsend Minutemen Town Common Encampment 2013

Photos courtesy of Penny Jollimore and Larry Richardson

Redcoats versus militia

A tense encounter between the Townsend Minutemen and His Majesty's Regulars.

Our fearless leader in danger

Fortunately our esteemed Captain manages to break free soon after this.

Townsend Minutemen in rank

The Townsend Minutemen ready for inspection.

Townsend encampment

The encampment